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Cash Offer

We want to buy your property for cash as this is our background, we have been buying for cash, renovating and either renting out or selling on for many years and have successfully purchased many, many properties over this time.

With our cash offer we will agree on a figure at the appointment and if we are progressing we will have an offer in the hands of your solicitor that day (or the following morning if out of office hours), we will conclude the missives within a week and have the cash in your bank in as little as 2-4 weeks dependant on your moving needs.

If a cash offer is not going to work for either party then by popular demand from our many home sellers that contact us each week, we do have other options.

Property Brokering

This is the next best option to a ‘cash offer‘ and works for clients that want more than we can offer for cash but still want the security of a quick sale with no upfront fees and the added peace of mind of a pre agreed sale price. Due to our massive buyer database and explosive marketing techniques we normally sell these properties in less than 48hrs.

Portal Advertising

Many clients that come to us for a quicker sale need to sell for pretty much the full market value, perhaps due to mortgage commitments and are not in a position to reduce the price in order to achieve an instant sale. Via our sister company, Zing Property, which we set up specifically for this purpose, we can list your property on all the UK’s major property portals and offer you all the assistance you need to achieve the highest price possible.

As part of the service Zing will; organise your home report, generate buyers, conduct viewings, negotiate offers, deal with your solicitors, deal with sales progression right through to the keys changing hands to ensure that there are no issues along the way. There are charges involved with this option and it may take a little longer to sell your property due to the price that you need to achieve however our sister company Zing Property are experts in selling properties quicker than your traditional agents

Our only focus is to be able to offer every single one of our 100+ enquirers per week an option that is going to work for them.

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